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Warehousing And Logistics Services Agreement

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If a box in a damaged condition arrives at your customer`s home or a component is broken during transport, your customer will most likely look at you as a manufacturer or distributor to “do it right, regardless of the supplier. This is why it is so important that the respective damages and liability obligations are clearly defined in your 3PL contract. 6.7 In the event of a breach of this agreement, which is not expressly set out in sections 6.3 to 6.6, the non-injurious party has the right to terminate the contract in writing within thirty (30) days, sent by registered and accused letter to the injuring party, unless this offence is cured within thirty (30) days of notification. While the delivery of an intact product is important, storage issues are particularly important for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. For food and beverages, the poorly stored product can be contaminated or fermented without a clear temperature parameter, without altering the external appearance. Imagine that a cheese maker assures a logistics partner that their products are stable at “room temperature”. If the manufacturer`s version of “ambient” is higher or lower than that of its partner 3PL, the product quickly becomes inviolable, and neither party acknowledges that an error has been made until a customer complains. 7.2 Date of claims – Claims in case of overload or underload must be submitted to the relevant party within (1) of the year following the date of the carrier`s invoice. The Shipper`s claims against the Carrier for damages under this Agreement shall be filed within nine (9) months of the incident giving rise to such a right. Claims of both parties that go beyond this point in time will be considered invalid. 4.1 The Shipper or its duly authorized agents shall offer the Carrier, during the term of this Agreement (number), shipments of Products from the primary location and, if circumstances so require due to the Shipper`s special needs, and at its sole discretion, a portion of the Shipments from the secondary locations. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Carrier understands that no shipment may be offered to it from the Secondary Locations. The shipper shall provide other information reasonably required by the carrier to provide services and fulfill its obligations under this contract.

The Carrier shall provide the services described in Section 2 as expressly set forth in the Appendix (List of Attached Letters) to this Agreement. In the event that the carrier does not satisfy a plan to send from a place of shipment, the carrier has twenty-four (24) hours from the electronic or fax notification by the sender to remedy this error. If the carrier does not reimburse its non-performance within the authorized period, the carrier is not entitled to compensation for the failure of the lot and the carrier is held liable to the shipper for the additional costs of alternative transport as well as for all storage costs related to the breakdown. 12.1 The carrier agrees to continue to comply with its obligations under the confidentiality agreement previously concluded with the shipper, a copy of which is attached (enter the letter of annex). (a) Organization and execution of at least (indicate percentage) of transport services related to the shipment of products and goods from each (specify locations). You might be tempted to “sign a handshake” or leave important considerations undefined to get a business partnership, but it could put you in a difficult position if a problem arises. Make no mistake: you absolutely need a well-written logistics services contract, and it should have these four important features to provide you with the most reliable trade protection. .