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Stay Put Agreement

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The DfE grants to the various municipalities to support the stay until 2019 are available online. The discussion should begin with the teen and caregiver about staying in place as soon as possible, ideally before the youth reaches the age of 16. The Staying Put option must be identified as part of the teen`s first care plan/pathway plan after the age of 16. The local authority will want to ensure that the end of a “staying put” regime for young people is not another “cliff edge”, but a gradual transition to an independent life. Procedures should be agreed from the outset on how to deal with the guardian`s wish to terminate the agreement. Both parties should terminate as much as possible and, in most cases, it should be a period of at least 28 days. The license agreement provides for the termination of the agreement with a period of 7 days in case of infringement, but this minimum should only be used in exceptional cases. The social worker/personal counsellor should discuss with the youth the transition from such an agreement to another type of accommodation and agree on the type of assistance the youth needs. Planning is done through the Pathway Plan to ensure that young people can move into appropriate accommodation at the end of their stay. If a nurse agrees to stay for an adult who is not considered to be in danger and also does not wish to remain a registered caregiver, he or she is not required to perform any type of DBS examination.

The implementation of the Children and Families Act 2014, Part 5 Welfare of Children (98), implies that local authorities in England are required to facilitate, monitor and support residence arrangements for young people assisted up to the age of 21, if so, what they and their nurses want, unless the local authority considers that the residence regime is not compatible with the well-being of the young person. The young person continues to be assisted by a designated worker while they are on a Staying Put internship. They will complete the Pathway plans and work with the tutor to help young people develop the skills they need in adult life.