Instituto Técnico Superior Comunitario Device Agreement

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Thus, you pay for your device in nine monthly payments. Today, I discovered that Sprint`s new Flex Plan program (the newly implemented replacement of the previous iPhone forever and Android for forever plans) is deliberately orchestrated, so you don`t own your device even after 18 months of payment for the lease. JUMP! On-demand leasing: the amount paid at the time of signing may, where appropriate, reduce the monthly equipment costs. Additional taxes. If you cancel wireless service before receiving all bill credits, the credits are stopped and the remaining device balance at full price is due. Contact us prior to termination to make any remaining monthly payments. If you cancel the rental agreement, you may lose the promotional prices. You need to return the device in good condition or pay it to keep it. Damaged and lost devices are subject to a fee.

You are responsible for insurance/repairs; Recommended insurance (required for CT customers). No deposit is required. Fees may be charged for late/non-payments. For an upgrade, you must exchange a device in good condition at the participating T-Mobile store and upgrade to an eligible leased device. There are 30 days between upgrades. Participating stores & selected devices. Sprint Installment Payment Agreement If your installment payment agreement has been paid in full, you have the right to upgrade to a new device. To purchase an upgrade device in monthly installments, you must enter into a new installment payment agreement. Remember, however, that whether you return your phone or re-pay it for a new one, you need to return your original device in good condition. This means that your phone should not have any physical damage, it can still turn on and stay on, all activation blocks are disabled, and no burning or objects are installed. If this is not the case, you can charge yourself a claim.

To return your phone, you need to contact Sprint to get a return kit. Here everything is clear:!/ 1. Return the rented device in good condition. This is the case if you do not continue renting or upgrade to another device. Unlike any other major carrier that applies your monthly rental fee to finally own the device, Sprint requires you to verbally choose this option, otherwise the device belongs to them forever. If I hadn`t discovered this by chance, they will gladly charge you the rental fee of $20-30/mo forever. You can at the end of x2 or x3 or more of the initial cost of the device to the height of everything, and at the end of everything, it will still not belong to you. I paid double the value of this iPhone 6s and still have to pay them $174 to officially own the device….