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Chapter 18 Subject Verb Agreement Answer Key

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Menu Course Teaching Program Print Answer Key NAME CLASS CHAPTER DATE 8: AGREEMENT Pages 148=51 Verb subject Agreement 080ba. A verb should match in number about it. A subject and a verb match if they have the same number. If a word relates to a person, a place, a thing or an idea, it is singularly in number. If a word relates to more than one person, place, thing or idea, it is in the number of plurals. Singular subjects adopt singular verbs. SV EXAMPLES The swimmer looks tired after training. [The singular verb resembles and corresponds to the singular subject swimmer.] SV My sister sometimes helps me with my homework. [The singular verb corresponds to the singular nurse of the subjects.] SV I often think of astronomy. [The Singularverb think is in agreement with the pronoun Singular I.] Copyright © by Holt, Rinehart and Winston. All rights reserved. EXERCISE A circle the form of verb that corresponds to the subject in each of the following sentences. Example 1.

This tent (a, a) a skylight. [The subject, the tent, is singular, so the verb must also be singular.] 1. A removable blanket (protects, protects) campers from rain. [What`s the point? Is the subject singular or plural?] 2. My tent (a, a) windows that can be closed with zipper. 3. A window (allowed, allowed) cool breezes blow through the tent. 4. Fine nets (keep, keep) insects away. 5. I (enjoy, enjoy) the noises of the night. Plural verbs (2) Plural subjects take plural verbs.

SV EXAMPLES Grillen make an interesting sound. [Plural make corresponds to the plural theme of crickets.] SV Some guys in my class own unicycles. [The plural is in line with the plural subject Boys.] Knowledge of the language of development 57 Menu Go to course Teaching program Print Answer Key name DATE OF INSTRUCTION CHAPTER 8: AGREEMENT Pages 152=53 Verb contract subject: Indeterminate pronouns A pronoun that does not relate to a person, a particular place, a thing or an idea is designated as an indeterminate pronoun. If an indeterminate pronoun is used as the subject, make sure that the verb matches the pronoun. Singular Indefinite pronouns 8d. Use a singular verb to match the following pronouns when used as subjects: either everyone no one has everyone anything any EXAMPLE Someone has a good idea. [The Singularverb corresponds to the singular somebody.] Only one of the answers is correct. [The Singularverb corresponds to the substeer of the singular.] NOTE Many indefinite pronouns can also be used as adjectives. If these words are used as adjectives, they have no influence on the number of verbs….