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California Commercial Lease Agreement 2020

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The commercial lease gives the company the right to use the property for its commercial purposes. This concerns the installation of signs, the registration of the company at the address and advertising for the site. Without this contract, it is not possible to obtain a correspondence address for the rented property. (ix) The term “lessor”, as used in this Section, means only the owner or owner of time at the time of the royalty or the interests of the lessee under an inheritance right for the land described in Schedule “B”, and in the event of a transfer of such property or interest, the aforementioned owner (and, in the event of a subsequent transfer from the concessionaire at the time), is exempt from and after the date of such transfer. all debts related to the lessor`s obligations to be honoured thereafter, provided that all funds which are in the hands of the lessor or concessionaire at the time of the transfer and which are of interest to the lessee are delivered to the consignee. Similarly, the obligations contained in this lease agreement, which must be fulfilled by the lessor, bind the successors of the lessor and are assigned only during their respective periods of ownership. The Tenant agrees that each of the above agreements and conventions applies to all agreements or understandings that are expressly included in this rental agreement or that are imposed by law or customary law. Finally, the lease must have the signatures of the tenant and the lessor against their printed names. .