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Airbus Purchase Agreement Pdf

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In the event of the sale of the airframe or an engine or part thereof in accordance with this Division, the owner or owner may make an offer for the property and acquire it. The lessor undertakes to inform the lessee in writing, at least thirty days in advance, of the date fixed for the public sale of the airframe or engine, of the date on which a private sale will take place and of any leasing or other disposition of the aircraft, the lessee accepting, insofar as the legislation in force allows it, to do so: is reasonable notice. Unless expressly stated otherwise, as part of the remedy permitted by applicable law, no remedy contemplated in this section is exclusive, but each must be cumulative and, in addition to all other remedies or goods and services mentioned above, all goods, with the exception of aircraft and services provided by Seller`s Buyer or Seller`s related business, that are controlled by the seller, can be purchased. (c) This Lease and other operational documents, as well as all certificates, instruments and other related documents provided and provided from time to time in accordance with operational documents, supersede all assurances, warranties and agreements (except all operational documents) prior to the date of this Lease, in writing or orally, between or between either party with respect to the proposed transactions and d. . . .