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Rosen Law Firm Separation Agreement

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32. Voluntary law. All parties recognize that they have read this Agreement and understand its content and provisions; That this is a fair and reasonable agreement with each of them, given the conditions and circumstances of the parties at this stage; That each exercised the agreement freely and voluntarily and without fear, coercion, coercion, coercion, conviction or undue influence of the other party on the other party or by another person or person on both. 28. Amendment. This agreement can only be amended and amended by other written agreements, duly implemented by the parties. Any omission by any of the parties to perform or perform the benefit exactly in accordance with the letter of this Agreement does not constitute an amendment to it by extension, waiver, reduction, estoppel or by any other means, unless the parties have confirmed it in writing. It is assumed that, by mutual agreement, the parties may make temporary changes from time to time when conditions require it, but this agreement is nevertheless binding in writing for the parties, unless it is a substantial infringement. This document was established by the combined legal representation of the parties inside; most of the language is complex. You can gain a better understanding of the divorce laws in North Carolina, which were involved in the development of this separation-type agreement by visiting the home page and selecting each topic most relevant to your divorce. Child care and child support are not discussed in this document.

First, separation. This officially begins the day you and your spouse start living separately, and you don`t need papers to do so. However, according to lawyer Erik Mazzone, ignoring papers is not a wise thing to do. 31. Full agreement. This agreement, along with all the exhibits and timetables on it, contains the parties` full understanding of the purpose; and there are no other assurances, guarantees, alliances or commitments than those mentioned. This agreement replaces and replaces all previous agreements and agreements reached by the parties. 33. Representation by a lawyer. Mary was represented by an independent advisor of her choice, Lee S.

Rosen, and John was represented by an independent advisor of her choice, Lisa M. Angel. Both parties were fully informed of their rights and obligations arising from their marital relationship, asked questions of their respective counselors and received answers to these questions that are perfectly satisfactory to them. Each party has accepted the legal advice, legal assistance and advice each party has given to its lawyer and is fully satisfied. Each party understands that the agreements and commitments made by the other are accepted with the express understanding and approval that they have or could have all the rights that each of them has or could have, in full execution of all the obligations that each of them have or which otherwise have vis-à-vis the other. The parties acknowledge that the legal and practical consequences of this agreement have been fully explained to them by their counsel. Ask Rebecca, who found herself in a very bad spot. She can`t afford to give her children all the things they need. For the past six years, she has not had an increase in child care – she was not defined in the separation contract, and now she does not know if an increase is an option.